All things TWN

Hey everybody,

It’s a busy time for all things TWN! We are gearing up for The Middle East Downstairs show this Saturday, April 14th in Cambridge, MA. Yesterday we hung out at The Middle East Corner where UNregular Radio was broadcasting live in anticipation for the big show. We did an interview on air and mingled with some of the other bands/fans that will be joining us next Saturday. The pre-sale tickets went quick but its a massive venue so there will still be plenty more tickets available at the door the night of the show for anybody that still needs one. We also have a new batch of t-shirts lined up that should be ready to go for the show. 

In other news, plans for the full length album are really starting to come together. I’ll be hitting the studio this Thursday to lay the groundwork for 3 songs that we will be recording in May. The beat bros hit the studio on May 12 to lay down bass and drums and Rol and I will be making our mark the following weekend with guitar and vocals. Look out for a new tune to be streaming on the sites in June after we get a chance to get them mixed down. We’re planning on using the rest of the summer to record a few more bundles of 2-3 songs and are hoping to have the album released by the fall. 

Hope to see all the Boston fans on Saturday!




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