Bitter End and Album News

Hey all,

I wanted to start out by thanking all of our fans that came out to see us at The Bitter End in NYC on Saturday night. The show was a big success. We met some new fans, played with some fantastic bands and had a hell of a night all together. We played a 45 minute set that was jam packed with originals, including some of our new songs like “Send the Runner”, “Elizabeth & the Heartstop Blues”, “Float the Flood”, and of course “By the Indigo”. The crowd definitely seemed to be into the new stuff which we were very excited about.

In other news, we’ve begun to set up the initial plans to record our first full length album. It’s going to include all of the above songs as well as a couple re-recorded tunes from our E.P. and many more. It’s going to take some time but we will definitely be releasing a tune or two along the way to keep you all up to speed on what to expect for the finished product. There will be plenty of more news on this to come, so stay tuned! 






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